Starsil Hemostat 2in1

STARSIL® HEMOSTAT is a CE-marked class 3 medical device that can be used to achieve rapid hemostasis for profuse and diffuse bleedings as well as reliable adhesion prevention — even in difficult to reach regions.

Why is Adhesion Prevention important?

  • Adhesions are the primary causes for long-term complications after any type of abdominal surgery.1
  • Complications include bowel obstruction, infertility, difficulties at reoperations and chronic (pelvic) pain.1
  • Minimal invasive surgery alone does not fully alleviate the burden of adhesion-related complications.1
  • Reduction of postoperative adhesion formation is highly demanded: Each year more than 440,000 interventions were performed for removal of abdominal and pelvic adhesions in the United States, creating numerous risks to the health of the patient and costs of $ 1.2 billion/year.2

1 Epidemiology and Prevention of Postsurgical Adhesions Revisited, Richard P. G. ten Broek, MD, PhD et. al, Annals of Surgery Volume 263, Number 1, January 2016
2 Prevention and treatment of peritoneal adhesions in patients affected by vascular diseases following surgery: a review of the literature, Aldo Rocca et. al. Open Med. 2016; 11:106-114


Unlike many other anti–adhesive products STARSIL® HEMOSTAT is easy to administrate both during open and laproscopic surgery. The STARSIL® HEMOSTAT powder is simply generously applied on the mesothelial defect or tissue that needs protection subsequently moistened with sterile saline solution. The polysaccharide particles absorb the fluid and form a dense gelatinous barrier preventing the contact with other tissue during the critical postoperative healing phase.


The use of STARSIL HEMOSTAT® as topical hemostat provides atraumatic bleeding control and can minimize the use of electrocautery limiting thermal injury to the tissue.

When complete hemostasis is achived a second application of STARSIL® HEMOSTAT is used to form a gelatinous adhesion prevention barrier covering the whole affected tissue before closure.


STARSIL® HEMOSTAT can be stored in the OR at room temperature and doesn‘t need preparation or assembling.
Break and remove the cap and STARSIL® HEMOSTAT is ready to use.
Starsil Hemostat How to use for Hemostasis

Please read the Instructions for Use (IFU) for detailed information about the usage of STARSIL® HEMOSTAT, indications and contraindications.

STARSIL® HEMOSTAT is available in the European Union and in many countries worldwide.

The UniTip (14cm) and UniTip XL (38cm) spray applicators provide accurate delivery of the STARSIL® HEMOSTAT powder into distant or difficult to reach regions.

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Starsil Hemostat