Starsil Hemostat for Hemostasis

STARSIL® HEMOSTAT is a CE-marked class 3 medical device that can be used to achieve rapid hemostasis for profuse and diffuse bleedings — even in difficult to reach regions.

On contact the ultra hygroscopic STARSIL® HEMOSTAT particles rapidly absorb fluid from the blood. The process leads to a local concentration of corpuscular blood particles such as erythrocytes, thrombocytes as well as serum proteins and thrombin, accelerating the natural coagulation cascade. It forms a dense gel matrix that seals the wound and further blood flow from the wound is inhibited.

STARSIL® HEMOSTAT is not affected by the patients clotting status, therefore it is also suitable for patients under anticoagulation therapy.

Starsil Hemostat - 100% plant based STARSIL® HEMOSTAT is 100% plant based and biocompatible. Unlike many other surgical hemostats it is absorbed without residues within 48 to 72 hours through endogenous amylase, preventing foreign body reactions or granuloma formation and once fully irrigated, will not swell post operatively.


STARSIL® HEMOSTAT can be stored in the OR at room temperature and doesn‘t need preparation or assembling.
Break and remove the cap and STARSIL® HEMOSTAT is ready to use.
Starsil Hemostat How to use for Hemostasis

Please read the Instructions for Use (IFU) for detailed information about the usage of STARSIL® HEMOSTAT, indications and contraindications.


Today, STARSIL® HEMOSTAT is used in almost all surgical disciplines to achieve fast and reliable hemostasis. Because of its ease of use and benefits it is widely used from open surgery through laparoscopic intervention up to robotic-assisted surgery.

Starsil Hemostat for Hemostasis


Unlike many other surgical hemostats or products for adhesion prevention STARSIL® HEMOSTAT DOES NOT carry a risk of transmitting infectious agents, such as viruses or prions that can cause diseases.

And STARSIL® HEMOSTAT DOES NOT carry a risk of causing allergic/anaphylactoid reactions to bovine, porcin or human derived substances or proteins.

STARSIL® HEMOSTAT is available in the European Union and in many countries worldwide.

The UniTip (14cm) and UniTip XL (38cm) spray applicators provide accurate delivery of the STARSIL® HEMOSTAT powder into distant or difficult to reach regions.

Unitip Applicators Unitip Applicators
Starsil Hemostat