Our Company

Starsil Hemostat Packing
We are an innovative medical technology company with its origin and headquarter in the Münsterland region of Germany. We focus on the development and production of advanced medical devices that offer real added value for users and patients. STARSIL® HEMOSTAT is our first commercially available product, which is used worldwide in various areas of surgery. With its plant-based, biocompatible ingredients without animal or human components it offers high-quality and safe wound care at an advanced level.

In cooperation with experienced surgeons and medical technology specialists with special knowledge in the areas of polysaccharides, wound healing and surgery we developed a reliable product for hemostasis and adhesion prevention.

Together with our partners and our medical knowledge we support surgeons worldwide in providing their patients with high-class medical care. Our intention is to restore their health and sustainably improve it.

Customer satisfaction is our priority.

Therefore we cooperate with medical professionals as direct users as well as hospitals all over the world and stay in close contact with our distributors worldwide. An effective cooperation is very important for us which means that we are always looking for new markets and experienced distributors.